Hello and Welcome. I am writing about Avination from my own point of view and giving you general information about this grid. You will find Photos and descriptions of beautiful places around Avination under AVN Explore.

All About Music (AAM) in Avination shows a list and Bios of performers who were available for Live Gigs (some still are if you ask them). Find this information under AVN Live Performers. Click on the tab All About Music (AAM) to read more about this group in Avination.

Under IDdesigns Stores you can visit my store blog listing all products and the grids where you can purchase them.


Some main Tabs on top contain information about the related topic. Other main tabs are only place holder for the next menus. Hold your mouse over the Tabs to see the drop down menu to pick the topic that interest you.

Follow this blog to receive email notifications about updates or join me in Facebook. I hope you will find something interesting, useful or helpful.

Thank you for visitimg :) Below is the direct link to register an account in Avination.

Touch to Join

Join Avination


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